Third Front Redux

The BJD has split with the BJP. Bad news I say. Not because it affects the chance of BJP/NDA. But because it provides a new energy to the people who want to put up a third front.

A third front can only mean instability. Let me guess what will happen. The third front will make sure that neither the NDA nor the UPA gets anywhere close to a majority. The congress will then decide that they will provide outside support to a third front government. Then the prime minister’s chair will be the subject of a game of musical chairs for 2 years during which time the government will be too busy saving its own ass to look into such trivial matters as development and economy and security. Then in 2011, there will be a major terrorist strike somewhere and congress will withdraw support and there will be elections again. After two years, we will be back to square one.

This scenario is highly possible. That is why the BJP/BJD split is such a bad thing. God save India if there is a third front this time.


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