Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Animation – 3D

Running Time: Around 2 hours

The story is set in a viking village. The villagers are constantly in conflict with dragons, that attack them and take their livestock.

The main character of the movie is Hiccup. He is the son of the viking chief, but he is considered a black sheep by the vikings because of his diminutive size. Hiccup is not considered good enough to fight dragons.

But during a raid, Hiccup fells a dragon. But he cannot bring himself to kill it and releases it. The dragon becomes a friend and he discovers that all dragons are actually very friendly unless they are attacked. The rest of the story revolves around how he learns more about the behavior of dragons and convinces the other people in his village not to fight the dragons.

You will fall in love with the characters. Especially Hiccup and his pet dragon Toothless. There are some really funny sequences.

The animation is good. Pick amongst them is the sequences where Hiccup learns to fly atop Toothless. Some scenes remind you of Avatar.

Overall it is a good movie. Definitely worth a watch.


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